Create & Learn

Post your music and videos.

Hold virtual concerts and participate in film festivals.

Share your artwork and photography in your own studio or in a public gallery.

Join a writing group and give and get feedback.

Show off your projects and grow and share your skills in our crafting guilds.

Take classes and attend seminars. Collaborate on projects.

Earn Cash & Credits

Post content and play games to earn world credits.

Sell your virtual and real world merchandise.

Post classifieds in the paper. Auction your items.

Advertise your services.

Meet & Play

Meet new people.

Invite friends and family.

Post your thoughts and express your feelings.

Play games and earn trophies and credits.

Hang out in arcades, game parlors, casinos or social clubs of your choice.

Public & Private

Design your social page using our easy to use tools.

Set privacy levels on all content to one or more specific groups of friends, family, and co-workers. Or grant public access.

With one page and one world residence, you can express your full and complex self and still make sure that your content never gets accessed by the wrong group of people.

Be Who You Are

At (S)PresDev, we are in the process of creating an online social network that enables you to express yourself. You will be able to join our universe by creating a basic page about yourself, your hobbies, and your interests. Then move into one of the worlds that best expresses who you are and set up your living space.

Once you have moved in to our 3D universe, you can start exploring your world and the other worlds around you. Join community groups, attend meetings, broadcast messages from your soapbox, meet people, make friends, and keep in touch with the people you care about. It's your place to be who you are.

Entertainment, creativity and commerce are key in our design. Visit shops and galleries, attend concerts, watch movies, dine in restaurants, or have a few drinks at the local coffee shop or pub. Add your own creative content to the world, open your own shop or gallery, give a concert, or prepare a tasty meal.

Your standard page will be available to anyone on the internet. Since your privacy is our chief concern, all the content you add to your page will be designed to enable you to set levels of access for public and private viewing by friends, family, and custom groups. One page served many ways makes it so you never have to worry about people seeing something you don't want them to see.

Be Who You Want to Be

In addition to providing a real world simulation environment, we also will provide in-world games and activities. Games will include work simulations, hidden object adventures, traditional point-n-click adventure games, and other genres.

Playing is optional and will often be conducted in the gaming dimensions of the universe. This setup is designed to reduce collision between those who are on a quest and those who are just hanging out. So if you need a little break from the real world and from our social universe, simply slip on a temporary persona and join in the fun. In any dimension, feel free to be who you want to be.

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